Friday, March 25, 2011

Additional Pastels

Here are four additional pastels that I finished this month (along with the Cactus Jack and Enchanted Rock #2 pictures).  It was a very busy month for my art.

Bandera View (through the studio door)

Road to El Paso (Old Stage Stop)

Killarney Morning

King Henry's Flowers

TPS Juried Show

Submitted jpg images of three pastel Texas scenes to the TPS juried member show.  Now we wait for several weeks for the outcome.

Old Barn

Guadalupe Sky

Enchanted Rock #2

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

J. Taylor Workshop Update

Worked with Jodie 2/28 and 3/21 at his Bandera workshop.  Completed two pictures as part of my Ireland series.  The first is based on a photo of a stream at Glendalough.  The second is based on an early morning photo taken at a B&B in Killarney.

March Paintout

Saturday, the Texas Paint Slingers met at Cactus Jacks in Gruene.  We had use of the back patio and the neighbors field.  I set up on a porch facing the back of the main building (downwind from the outdoor grill).  Here is my pastel version of the funky gallery.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip to La Vallita in San Antonio

Went down to the Carver Center to pick up my three pictures.  After that Sondra and I went to Bright Shawl to see the other pastel show.  Got there too early.  It wasn't open.  So we went to La Vallita, the art and craft venue next to the Riverwalk.

Saw the gallery with Mary Shepard's cacti paintings and Susan Carlin's portraits.  Stopped at Henry Cardena's gallery and viewed his colorful landscapes.  Also stopped in the art co-op.  Saw one of Kramer's flamenco dancers, a portrait done Kathleen Cook's portrait workshop and a number of Bob Franklin's flower pastels.  Marveled at the sharp edges and colors.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Braunfels Art League March Show

The theme for March was Music.  What a tough one.  I entered 3 photos.  The first one was a picture of Beale Street lined with motorcycles.  I call it Thunder and Blues.  Picture 2 was a photo of an East Texas High School Band at half time, titled FNM (Friday Night Music).  Finally there was a photo of a line of Bass Violins against a Texas Sky.  The violins were taken at Ash Music Store in San Antonio (thanks to the store manager for permission to photograph in the store).  Unfortunately this collection produced no ribbons.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Texas Pastel Society Members Show

The Texas Pastel Society TXPS show at the Carver Theater is a non-juried show.  Twelve pastelists exhibited at this show.  There were some lovely pastels.  Shown below are the 3 I entered.  The onion picture is from Plymouth Village. The highway is a back road in East Texas that my daughter took us to. The pasture scene is from Fort Straith in the Ring of Kerry Ireland.

The reception was very nice.  I got to meet with some of the artists I have been talking to in the past year.  Even provided a print of my onion picture to one of them. The show lasts until Tuesday.

Texas Pastel Society Exhibit at the Carver Theater in San Antonio