Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Tucson Desert

Tucson Desert #2
Another desert scene from the Tucson area.  This one is a 12 x 18" picture on U-Art 600 paper.  Since there was an hour left in our Tuesday session, I was challenged to do a 35 minute 9 x 12 picture.  I chose a reflected sunset from Plum Island, MA.

Plum Island Sunset

Friday, December 16, 2011

This week with J.Taylor

Chose two old photos from Tucson to work on this week.  The first was the piece I spent most of the day painting.  It was done on a 9 x 12 piece of U-Art 600.

Tucson Desert #1
The second piece was an experiment.  I had a new fixative.  It came in a spray bottle (no propellant) and was suitable for use indoors.  It was based on an old formula used by the early masters and made from milk products.  So I chose a piece of tan Canson paper.  I used the spray between layers of pastel.  The fixative did allow me to add extra layers of pastel.

Tucson Study

Friday, December 2, 2011

Catching Up

I have been busy catching up, joining Jodie Taylor in his Bandera studio and finishing up several projects.  These first two pastels were done while painting with Jodie.  They are both 9 x 12 and were done on 600 grit U-Art paper using an alcohol wash pastel underpainting.

Lost Maples State Park Trail
East Texas Mansion
This picture is the studio version of the one I did with the Texas Paint Slingers in Walker Ranch Park, San Antonio.  It is 12 x 18 and also done on 600 grit U-Art sanded paper, using an alcohol wash pastel underpainting.

Panther Creek at Walker Ranch

The following two pictures were done in Kathleen Cook's plein aire workshop.  They were done in her studio before we went to the ranch to paint.  I finished them in my studio.  Both were done on half sheets (13 x 20) of Canson paper.  I had great difficulty with these as the paper will not take as many layers of pastels as the sanded paper.

The New Hampshire Mountains on a Rainy Day
Plum Island at Sunset