Sunday, March 24, 2013


This pastel was sold Saturday at the NBAL.

Lost Maples #4, 9 x 12 Pastel

This is the second pastel in my series from our Arizona trip.

Red Rocks #1, 9 x 12 Pastel

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NBAL Entrys

 I have hung 3 pastels and 3 photographs in the NBAL gallery.  Hanging in the main gallery are the following:

On the Road to Willow Loop, 9 x 12 pastel
Lost Maples #4, 9 x 12 pastel
Home on the Lake, 12 x 18 Photo (Montezuma's Well, Arizona)
 I have also entered a pastel and two photos in the current show (Celebration).  This show celebrates the 170th birthday of the NBAL building.

Sonoran Desert #1, 9 x 12 pastel (Tucson, Arizona)
Desert Twist, 8 x 10 B & W photo (Sonoran Desert, Tucson, Arizona)

Taking the Curve, 8 x 10 photo (Tucson, Arizona)

No, the above image is not Photoshopped.