Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Painting

Haven't posted any pastels lately.  Had some almost finished, so I got to work and completed the touch ups.  The first image is one I completed during Clive Tyler's workshop.  This was from a photo he provided, since he wanted the entire class working off the same image.  It clearly shows the effect of the orange and peach underpainting (and his directions).

A Western Range Scene, Pastel, 9x12
 The second was started as part of the workshop. We went to the Ingram ranch and each selected a different scene to paint.  I had a lot of trouble mastering the underpainting, so I redid a lot of the painting in my studio.

Ingram Ranch 01, Pastel, 12x18
 This pastel was painted from a photo taken during a recent trip down San Antonio's Mission Trail.  I loved the geometric patterns of this shaded corridor.  It is currently hanging in the NBAL Texas Show

San Jose Mission, Pastel, 9x12
This pastel was from a photo taken early one morning from a river boat on the Rhine.

Rhine Dawn, Pastel, 9x12
I've had this one hanging around for a while.  Just got back to finishing it up.  Its from a photo taken through a front windshield while careening down a New Hampshire highway.  Thanks Barron for driving.

Autumn Highway, Pastel, 9x12