Saturday, August 2, 2014

NBAL August Show

The NBAL August show is a juried and judged show.  NBAL has invited other local art leagues to participate.  I entered two photographs and a pastel.  Two were accepted.  Care to pick the reject?  See below for the answer.

Melk on the Danube, photo on canvas, 12 x 36
 This was a panorama picture taken from the Melk Abby on a cold winter's day.  This was the favorite according to several people who saw it before I entered it into the show.

The Wheels on the Bus..., photo on canvas, 16 x 20
This was a bus on the Danube River between Buda and Pest, just touring.  I thought it might be to cutesy, but entered it in anyhow.

The Iron Road to Hearne, pastel on Uart, 9 x 12
This was a composite of a picture of the railroad headed east toward Hearne and some bluebonnet pictures.

The answer to which was rejected: the crowd favorite, Melk on the Danube.  But I am celebrating because the pastel was the first I have gotten into a juried show.